Hi Ladies & Gentleman, 

Introducing the ALBUM, "Bumbleweenie" by Robbie Seahag.

A 10-song EP followup to the sold out, Full Moon Fever.  Contains cool liner notes. Bumbleweenie is limited-edition item. All CD's will come signed by the hag. Here is an entertaining video preview.   Bumbleweenie is produced, mixed, engineered, written, arranged, and performed by Robbie and features the talents of his friends Joe Russo (drums), Tom Curiano (drums), Lautaro Burgos (drums), Craig Twister Steward (harmonica), Steven E. Mallorca (trumpet), Godfrey Diamond (drum mixing), Reed Black (studio engineer), Eric Giordano (studio engineer), Rick Bruccoleri (writer), Orin Portnoy (writer), Richie Pomerantz (writer), Elizabeth Dellaccio (writer), Rich Morales (mastering engineer), Sweet Sweet Deem (inspiration), and Daniel Winer (ambient noise). 

Also!  NEW T-SHIRTS sporting cool art from the album cover on very soft 100% cotton shirts. The art was hand-drawn by RSM for the album cover:  (he's sort of like a bee, a weiner-dog, a burglar, a superhero, a weirdo, a french pirate, a spy, a plump blimp!)  You will look cool wearing this shirt while you're checkin out a show and "being cool", or even while you're sleeping.  Also!  SEAHAG GUITAR PICKS that come free with every package.  Picks are .73mm black tortex with "gold-foil" print of original art (robbie seahag's "devil-bird") and signature on the back.

Ordering is easy. Simply (1) Choose your package, (2) Fill out the form, (3) Donate.

A "suggested donation" will cover the cost of shipping, (check this diagram if you're crazy!)  Please note!  All items are limited-edition and will be available on a "first come, first serve" basis.  When we are out of items, that's it!  We will ship your package within 1-2 business days after receiving your donation via paypal.  For questions, please write to babycakesmgmt (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thank you!

you got three options....

1. Music Package



(1) Robbie Seahag "Bumbleweenie" signed CD + (2) Guitar Picks:

Suggested Donation: $16-20 USA, $18-22 International.

Shipping and handling included.

2. Fashion Package



(1) T-Shirt - Robbie Seahag's original "Bumbleweenie" art on soft 100% cotton, creme colored shirt with black design,
available in L, XL, & XXL
(please note T-shirt sizes a little slimmer than average t's) 
+ (2) Guitar Picks:
Suggested Donation : $21-32 USA, $27-38 International
Includes shipping and handling.



3. Fashion & Music Package!


(1) Bumbleweenie T-Shirt (size M, L, XL, XXL)

(1) Bumbleweenie CD  

(2) Guitar Picks:

Suggested Donation: $33 USA, $39 International

Includes shipping and handling.

Extra Guitar Picks 

Double-sided guitar picks 

"Seahag 73's" (two free with every package)

$3 each additionally

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